Conscious Business Learning Lab

We accompany purpose-driven businesses to gain momentum and succeed in delivering positive impact for the greater good. 

The Conscious Business Learning Lab accompanies businesses like yours to grow consciously, to create a great place to work, and to deliver impact for the greater good.

Running a purpose-driven enterprise is hard, yet worthwhile.

Transforming a business to embed a higher purpose across all aspects is a significant undertaking.

The prizes for committing to the journey include many business benefits and the massive impact you will have on society and the planet.

How do we support you?

Our purpose is to accompany purpose-driven businesses to gain momentum so they succeed in delivering positive impacts for the greater good. We incorporate purpose-driven business frameworks in our programs including Conscious Capitalism tenets, B Lab pillars, and UN Global Compact Principles, as well as lessons learned from trail-blazers, leading thinkers and writers.

We launched in February 2017 with pubic discovery workshops and kicked off our 6-month Conscious Business Momentum Lab program in July with a team of early stage purpose-driven entrepreneurs. (Read about them below.)


Our 6-month peer learning program is designed to support you through the challenges of building a conscious business or transforming an existing business to become purpose and values driven.

The path forward is not always clear, the dilemmas difficult, and the experience can feel isolating.

We have heard from our community that building a conscious business would be less stressful, more meaningful, and enable momentum if travelled with a peer group of knowledgeable, skilled, business owners, as part of a curated program.

To meet these needs, we launched the Conscious Business Momentum Lab in July this year and are opening registrations for you to join a Momentum Team.

You can stay in the loop and register your interest by clicking the button below.


Each Conscious Business Momentum Team is a small, intimate group of 6-8 purpose-driven, passionate business owners, who are at a similar stage in business.

The Lab program for each team runs for 6-months, and is a facilitated peer learning experience focused on the needs and outcomes of the Lab team members.

Lab team members enjoy a safe and supportive learning environment, with a mix of:

  • face to face workshops and online check-in calls
  • curated speakers, tools and frameworks
  • coaching and guidance
  • connections and introductions that make a difference to their business


Throughout our 6 month program you will:

  • explore and solve your problems and challenges
  • access experts and pioneers in conscious business
  • learn and apply relevant tools and frameworks, such as the four tenets of Conscious Capitalism and the four practice areas of B Corporations
  • trial and test ideas
  • work on your business model
  • receive support from a safe, encouraging, and committed team
  • gain momentum in your business
  • access coaching support from your facilitator


The 6-month program includes:

  • Monthly facilitated face-to-face peer learning sessions (similar to coaching groups and master mind formats). These 3-hour sessions provide time and space for everyone to move forward and access expertise.
  • Check in calls on Zoom every other fortnight ensuring regular contact
  • Curated content, speakers, and Q&As, offered during check-ins or face to face sessions
  • Relevant tools and frameworks

If you’re not in Sydney, STILL register your interest. We will be moving to a virtual format for interstate participants.


We work with:

  • Early-stage entrepreneurs, in need of frameworks, know-how and a supportive community.
  • Conscious business owners, pushing the boundaries and wanting time to work on their business.
  • Business owners, seeking to make a positive impact with their business and looking for guidance, tools and a community of like-organisations on the same journey.

We would love to work with you in 2018 if you are:

  • seeking to create positive change, socially, economically and environmentally,
  • seeking to push the boundaries of what it is to be a conscious business,
  • striving to create and sustain momentum,
  • looking for a place to tackle and overcome challenges,
  • wanting to learn and apply conscious business practices, and
  • seeking to be a part of a community of practice






Join a Conscious Business Discovery Workshop

We offer hands-on Discovery Workshops for you to explore tools and frameworks that can support you in growing your business consciously: leadership, culture, customer experience, systems, branding, etc.

We have explored:

Tenets of Conscious Capitalism

The practices of B Corporations

The Sustainable Development Goals

How to build a Conscious Business

Participants have had the following to say about their experience

You can stay in the loop and register your interest by clicking the button below.


2017 Conscious Business Momentum Lab - Participant Profiles

Tom Dawkins, Co-Founder and CEO, StartSomeGood

Tom Dawkins, Co-Founder and CEO StartSomeGood.com

Tom Dawkins is Co-Founder and CEO of StartSomeGood.com, a crowdfunding platform for social enterprises, non-profits and changemakers initiatives globally with the highest project success rate in cause crowdfunding. He was previously the founder and CEO of Australian youth non-profit Vibewire, the first Social Media Director at Ashoka, a global NGO fostering social entrepreneurship based in Washington DC, and the founding Director of the Australian Changemakers Festival. As a speaker and consultant has supported numerous non-profits, governments and arts organisations to better engage communities using technology and been recognised with awards and Fellowships from the World Summit Youth Awards, International Youth Foundation, Nexus Summit, Future Summit and the Australian and New Zealand Internet Awards.

Can you share more about StartSomeGood.com?

StartSomeGood is a crowdfunding platform and agency that helps social innovation get funded. We run StartSomeGood.com, where almost 1,000 projects have raised over $11 million AUD with the highest project success rate in cause crowdfunding, and we work with partners including ING, Stockland, Ian Potter Foundation, Foundation for Young Australians and the Cities of Melbourne, Adelaide and Parramatta to help them leverage their investment in social benefit projects for maximum impact.

How can people connect with you?

Website | Partnerships | Twitter | Facebook 


Louise Kiddell, Founder of Barefoot Wellbeing and Co-founder of Little Green Tribe

I have always had a deep love of nature and keen awareness of the interconnectedness between human and environmental health. I love being in the wild outdoors and sharing my passions for movement, mindfulness and nature connection in ways that help others. Barefoot Wellbeing is my way of drawing together my diverse qualifications and experience in Medical Science, Environmental Conservation, Anthropology, Yoga and Nature and Forest Therapy Guiding in a way that I hope will help people and our planet thrive.

Can you share more about Barefoot Well-being?

Barefoot Wellbeing combines modern health science with ancient wisdom to heal and regenerate individuals and communities and their relationships with the natural world.

The four core services I offer include:

Nature and Forest Therapy Guiding / Forest Bathing

There is now a large, robust body of research that demonstrates what we have always known intuitively: that time in nature is good for us. Nature or Forest Therapy is informed by the Japanese practice of “shinrin yoku,” or “forest bathing.” I lead 3hr guided walks in Sydney’s bushy parks, conservation reserves and foreshore areas.

Corporate Team Building with Nature Connection 

Nature connection and culture repair arise together. The programs i offer aim to create cultures of deep support among participants for each other’s experiences, which are often profound. This can help to foster trust, empathy, deep listening and resilience in diverse teams.

Outdoor Yoga

Private, outdoor classes that take into account the unique starting point and circumstance of each student. Tailored packages.

Little Green Tribe

LGT is a play-based nature connection program for urban children. We use time-honoured mentoring practices of storytelling, artful questioning, bushcraft, games and song to connect children and families with nature and each other.

How can people connect with you?

About.me/louise.kiddell | Instagram

(Full website coming soon at www.barefootwellbeing.com)


Tereza Miletic, Founder and Managing Director, Inbreathe

Tereza is a professional coach and mentor with over 20 years’ experience in leadership, customer experience, consulting, people management and the personal development industry.

Her professional career has spanned across industries such as, telecommunications, insurance, consulting, personal development and banking. Tereza’s international experience includes working in Austria, Sweden, Croatia, UK, Germany and Australia for global players such as, Deutsche Telekom, Ernst and Young, Barclays Bank, IAG and Tele2. Tereza’s specialties focus on leading and influencing others, customer experience, operations management (business process optimisation, best practice implementation), coaching and mentoring.

Tereza is also the founder and managing director of Inbreathe, a provider of holistic well-being coaching experiences and programs for the corporate and aged care sector.

Tereza uses her key understandings in personal development, emotional intelligence and leading with the heart, as a catalyst for behavioural change to create exceptional leaders. Her vision for others is based on the belief that emotional togetherness, which includes understanding people, energising and working through people, unleashes their power and potential to impact the greater good. She is motivated to make a long term impact on the way the business and aged care /elderly world works.

She draws on a range of models and theories (Mbit –multiple brain integration techniques, ontological coaching) but also explores leadership philosophies i.e.: Servant Leadership, Authentic Leadership, Level 5 leadership, Ethical Leadership and Values-based Leadership and integrates these into her coaching style. Some of her favourite leadership authorities are Ken Blanchard, Jim Collins, Otto Scharmer, Gail Kelly and Bill George.

Can you tell us more about Inbreathe?

Inbreathe brings together the best well-being solutions that Grow, Connect, Heal, Move, Nourish and Detox the individual for the corporate and aged care sector.

Our unique assessment tool provides a holistic overview of an individual’s well-being status. Our tailor made coaching solutions provide additional tools for each person’s well-being toolkit.

Our unique support system guides and leads individuals to achieve their well-being goals every step of the way, through our holistic self-care programs to build leaders and teams that can bring about real change in both their professional and personal lives.

How can people connect with you?


Mia Sturrock, Co-Founder of Little Green Tribe

Mia is a co-founder of Little Green Tribe, a program to help urban children connect with nature. Her ideas for the program were inspired by her love of nature, her intuitive understanding of its benefits for children, and her difficulties finding great nature play opportunities in her urban neighbourhood.

As a lawyer, teacher, and non-profit manager, Mia’s experience helped with the development phase of Little Green Tribe, but challenges in finding the right business structure and building momentum for Little Green Tribe, and a serendipitous meeting with Dimity, led her to join the Momentum Lab…

Mia is also the Collaboration Manager at the Social Impact Hub, creating partnerships with organisations to amplify impact and help businesses to pivot for purpose. Mia is a believer in the power of social business and social investment to tackle society’s big issues.


Gina Yallamas, Founder of Collecting Consciousness

I embody the essence of truth and self-expression through Passion, Purpose and Pure Potential. The reality is there are no limitations in life, just a personal ‘package of perceptions’ that create energetic blocks within all of us. As powerful energetic beings, we have the ability to shift these blocks. My work involves energetic clearing and activations that work from the inside out to guide you back to your true-self and your Pure Potential.

Can you tell us more about your business?

Reconnecting and activating Body, Mind and Spirit:

The reality is that many aspects of health and wellbeing are about resolving and preventing pain and illness to support your personal expansion and growth. There are diverse approaches to health management across the Eastern and Western cultures that are all valid but require your own discernment. As energetic beings, my approach is one of providing Energy Medicine through clearing, activations and plant based herbal products that compliment your health and wellbeing naturally. I aim to create awareness about your energetic tendencies, assist with energy clearing and provide a supportive environment for your expansion to unfold. I see myself as a personal trainer for your internal performance as my fundamental belief is that life is an ‘inside job’!

Learning to listen, trust and tune into your intuitive guidance empowers you to naturally raise your vibration because you believe in the unseen Pure Potential of who you are. When we resist or ignore the body’s signs and symptoms (ie. messages from our true self), we consciously and/or unconsciously create energetic blocks that can manifest into more chronic pain and illness. These accumulations of energy can alter or block the energetic flow in your Body, Mind and Spirit over time often leading to internal disconnection of the heart and mind. Your Pure Potential can only be realised with this heart connection in tact to allow access to your true-self.

How can people connect with you?

Website | Instagram | LinkedIn


Message from Founder & Director, Dr Dimity Podger

I created the Conscious Business Momentum Lab as a way of putting my shoulder behind the wheel of building businesses that are a force for good; founded on and driven by a higher purpose and noble values.

My passion is to support businesses striving to make a positive difference socially, environmentally, spiritually, and economically.  It is hard to do it alone. Why should entrepreneurs do it alone?

The approach I take with each Conscious Business Momentum Lab is founded on principles of: accompaniment, collaboration, service, safety, openness, trust, problem-solving, and creativity. The culture we create in each Lab focuses on creating a safe space for entrepreneurs to share challenges, find answers, explore new ideas, and maintain momentum with their purpose-driven enterprise.

I bring 15 years of experience working with values-driven businesses and organisations, as well as my network, to enable businesses to grow consciously and make a positive impact for society and our planet.  My background in values-driven business, ethical leadership, organisational culture, and sustainability, as well as expertise in learning experience design, ensures I craft and facilitate each Lab to meet the needs of participants.

My advisory consultancy, Barasa Consulting Group, is proud to power the Conscious Business Learning Lab.

I look forward to accompanying you on your conscious business journey,


Thank you to Cherihan for the wonderful photographs of the Conscious Business Learning Lab public events. Cherihan is a social entrepreneur and awesome to work with. Check out her work here: Cherihan Photography

http://www.myhealthislifeblog.com/ http://www.oregonlatinohealthcoalition.org/ http://www.familyhme.com/